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About the Rhythm Section
The Undecideds Accomplished Rhythm Section keeps every performance alive with just as much power and enthusiasm as its energetic front men and women!
David Wilson is the Undecideds keyboard player.  His blues style is what creates the soul of the R&B band's music.  Dave also plays in "Slap Shott", a Blues Band headed by singer/guitar player Danny Sklapsky.

Nick Adey joined the Undecideds in 1998 taking the place of former guitar player, Danny Sklapsky.  Nick, a former member of Safety in Numbers,  is an accomplished player and song writer and is a great asset to the band.

Bruno Hoy is not only the Undecided's bass player, he is also the "media man"  While playing away on his bass, he simultaneously documents each performance with his expert know-how of video and audio equipment.

Gordie Olsen's amazing percussion makes the Undecideds as exciting to listen to as they are to watch!  As an excellent drummer  in high demand, Gordie is and has been a member of many bands in Prince Rupert, including Safety in Numbers, the Rain Band, and The Airheads.

Where are they Now?
Former Drummers:  Ken MacPherson (left Rupert in 1998), Randy Cormier (left Rupert in 1999)